CBD Gummies (30-Pack) 15mg Gummy Bears

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Taste the REAL-ganja flavor!

30-Pack of High CBD Gummies

Full-Spectrum Ganja Oil infused Gummies

  • Child-Proof Packaging

A potent 15 mg CBD each Gummy Bear!  Plus other Full-Spectrum beneficial cannabinoids like CBDa, CBG and THC!

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The wellness benefits of CBD are numerous, and our hemp-ganja Full Spectrum CBD may reduce inflammation, boost overall health and increase feelings of relaxation. Gummy bears are a fun, tasty way to experience the therapeutic benefits of full spectrum cannabinoids…  CBD, THC, CBG, CBDa, etc!

Product Info

Taste the REAL-ganja flavor!

  • 30 Gummy Bears
  • A potent 15 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per gummy
  • Tested by a third-party lab
  • These gummies DO CONTAIN 0.3% THC or less in order to classify this product as an ‘Industrial Hemp’ derivative, making them legal throughout the USA.
  • Child-Proof Packaging

Ganja CBD Gummies COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an all-natural compound derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa L. CBD has become popular for its multitude of health benefits and the way it affects the human body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS helps maintain neurological functions such as sleep, appetite, mood and pain response. CBD can positively influence cannabinoid receptors throughout the ECS, which may promote a natural, longer night’s sleep, alleviate anxiety, act as an anti-inflammatory and promote a sense of well-being.

How Many Gummies Should I Take?

Because CBD affects everyone differently, we recommend taking one or two gummies and seeing how you feel. We advise you to try CBD for the first time before bed – it can sometimes make people feel a bit sleepy due to its relaxing effects. Once you know how CBD gummies make you feel, you may gradually increase your daily dose as needed.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1-2 gummies
Servings Per Container: 15-30

Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids (For the preferred healing ‘entourage effect’

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid,
Natural & Artificial Flavors

Ganja CBD Gummies COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for CBD Gummies (30-Pack) 15mg Gummy Bears

  1. Rick M.

    Smoking and eating gummy bears is my favorite way to consume cannabis. I eat two bears and then I smoke a joint. These gummies work great for my pain. Relaxes my lower back muscles to where I can function with a smile. 🙂

  2. Scott

    There is no doubt when you bite into one of these Ganja Gummies that you are getting the real deal! The ganja flavor is definitely there and our whole team loves it! For my good health maintenance, I take one gummie per day. When I want to totally chill out, I take two gummies. They are a simple pleasure and they taste so delightful. Orange is my favorite flavor. The way the sweet citrus plays along so well with the ganja flavor notes is a testament to the unique and proprietary Ganja.com recipe. It is my strong belief that these are truly the best gummies available on the market today. Five stars well deserved. Give them a try, you will be happy.

  3. R-

    These gummies are the real deal! Help with my Insomnia, best sleep I’ve in years!!

  4. Josh

    A friend of mine recommended these gummies to me, I weightlift and sometimes I take over the counter anti inflammatories to help with the soreness and pain but they really don’t agree with my stomach. I’ve been taking these gummies for about 2 weeks now and they’ve worked wonders, no upset stomach no pain or soreness.

  5. Randy N

    These gummies taste great, I take one daily to start my day work like a charm ordered my 3rd bottle.

  6. Doug V

    Love this product. Taste great and I’m sleepy within 30 minutes of eating one. Helps with aches and pains a must have around our house.

  7. Rusty A

    I absolutely love this product. I can feel the effects of it very fast after consuming. I use it for knee and body pain. Also to aid in sleep

  8. Aaron K

    Love these gummies one does the trick, I sleep like a baby!! I love this product because it’s effective and it taste good too

  9. Kenneth C

    I’ve suffered from chronic severe back pain for years and I took one, within 15 minutes I felt so relaxed and the pain almost completely gone excellent product.

  10. Jerry L

    Ganja gummies relax me and take away my pain. They taste like weed too. In a good way! I like the flavor and from the first time I tried them, I was amazed at how I could really taste the weed. I knew right away that I’m getting the real thing!!!

  11. Joe O

    10 stars with how I feel. 😉

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